WIP Wednesday!

By virtue of the day of week and that I had a bit that I wanted to share with you about my newest work in progress, I’ve hereby named today WIP Wednesday!

Over the last few weeks, life has been.. how you say.. tumultuous?  We had some summer visitors, I just finished this semester of school, I’ve been working like a BEAST promoting Unexpectedly Yours and .. there’s a possible move on the horizon. A *HUGE* move.  More on this as details emerge.

As a result, I’ve gotten little to no writing done lately. Soon.. once my eye stops stress twitching, I’ll get back to it. I swear.

My famous and beautiful inspirations for Taryn Michaels and Evan Connolly.

My famous and beautiful inspirations for Taryn Michaels and Evan Connolly.

Fair warning. This is very not safe for work:

He pulled back on a ragged breath and said, “It’s the same for me, Princess. Exactly the same.”

Taryn shifted uncomfortably in her seat, as he accelerated the vehicle. She so turned on that she almost found it hard to breath. Eventually she said, “This is seriously the longest car ride ever.”

“The things I’m going to do to you when we get home,” he said, promise in his voice.

Her breathing still shallow, she managed to say, “Tell me. Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”

He groaned and reached over to take her hand. Pressing it to his groin, he said, “First, I’m going to spank your ass for making me want you this fucking badly. Do you feel what you do to me?”

She cupped his arousal and gently squeezed him through his jeans as she asked, “Oh really? A spanking?”

“Yes. A spanking,” he bit out, groaning as she continued to massage him.

“Not sure how I feel about that.”

He stilled her hand and moved it to his thigh. He shot her a quick glance as he merged on to the freeway then gave a casual shrug as he said, “We can forgo the spanking if you want. If the thought of being bent across my lap, feeling the sting of my palm on your bare ass as I play with your pussy does nothing for you, then .. it just does nothing for you.”

She moaned quietly. He knew exactly what it did for her. She had no idea how he knew these things about her before she even knew them about herself. She said, “Actually, I think I might enjoy that.”


About Michelle Roth

Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book. In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on http://www.bookstrand.com/michelle-roth
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