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All of you paranormal erotic romance fans out there. It’s that time. YES! Release day!!  This is the first installment of my The Transfigured Ones series. Ever wonder what the world would be like if vampires and humans co-existed together? Wanna find out? 


When Lilly Ferguson narrowly avoids being mugged after work, she’s shocked to find that she’s gotten the attention of Talan McKenna. He’s the sinfully handsome owner of the Foxwood Casino and Spa where she works. There’s only one problem, though… 

Talan is one of the Transfigured. Like half a million others across the globe, he possesses a very specific genetic mutation. It leaves him with the inability to age, an aversion to sunlight, and a thirst for human blood. When he learns of her tragic past, he worries that it’s an obstacle he’ll never be able to overcome. 

Despite her heartbreaking history with the Transfigured, Lilly immediately senses that Talan is different. Where her fears once lay, there’s only a sense of peace and comfort. Just as they begin to build a love made to last several lifetimes, a shadowy figure from her past emerges and threatens to destroy everything.



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And a NSFW excerpt…


Talan sighed and looked sullenly out the window for a moment before he raised the volume of his voice and asked the driver, “You have the addresses I sent you?”

“Yes, sir,” he said. “Was there a particular order in which you’d like me to pick the other parties up?”

“No, whatever you think is best,” he said. He added, “Thank you.”

He gave her a pointed look that said, “See? I’m being nice.”

Lilly giggled at his expression and then curled into his side.

“I would kiss you now, but I have no desire to wear that,” he said, gesturing at her lipstick.

“Smudge-proof for up to eight hours,” she informed him smugly.

Just before his lips touched hers, he said, “Oh, the wonders of modern technology.”

“Mm,” she sighed against his mouth as he leaned in to kiss her. There was something about this man that she found damned near addictive.

He nibbled on her bottom lip, then sucked it into his mouth, scraping his teeth along it gently. Every so often, he would nip it and then rub his tongue along it as if he was soothing her. He turned kissing into an art form.

She felt Talan lean over and then heard a soft mechanical whir. She pulled back and blinked at him, confused.

“Privacy screen, love,” he said before he moved back in to press kisses along her jawline.

She tilted her head as his mouth worked its way down her neck. When his teeth ran over the bite marks, she heard his soft moan.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said as he kissed her neck, nipping and sucking at her until she squirmed with need.

The hand that had been holding her hip subtly moved to her thigh. When she let out a whimper of need, his hand gently stroked her inner thigh. Taking the hint, she spread her legs, giving him access to her pussy. His hand slid up to trace the edge of the thong she wore. She felt a new wave of arousal hit her as he rubbed his knuckles along her slit through her panties.

He lifted his mouth from her neck and said, “Push your skirt up for me love. Let me touch your soaked little pussy. I can feel it already. Your need. How wet you are for me. Do you have any fucking idea what that does to me?”

She groaned at his rough words and said, “Oh God, touch me, please.”

“Hmm. How shall I touch you? Tell me what you want me to do.”

Lilly had no experience with dirty talk. She felt awkward and had no idea what to say. In lieu of any idea how to do this, she just chose the direct approach and hoped it was acceptable.

“Slide your fingers under my panties. Stroke your fingers over my clit.”

When he complied, she moaned, “Like that, yes.”

He continued to swirl his fingertips around her clit until she moaned, “I need your fingers inside me.”

Talan groaned against her neck and said, “You have no idea how hard you’re getting fucked later tonight, Lilly.” Saying so, he shifted his thumb and began to press it against her clit as he slid three fingers into her aching cunt.

She rocked herself against his hand, whimpering softly. Eventually she let loose a moan when the sensation became a bit too much for her to handle. “Fuck,” she said. “That feels so good.”

“I can feel you clenching around my fingers, love. Are you going to come for me?”


About Michelle Roth

Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book. In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on
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