Future Releases


Here’s my magical formula. When writing a book, typically from start to finish there are about 10 milestones, not necessarily always done in this order:

1) Characters Developed
2) Titled
3) Basic Story Outlined (either on paper or in my brain)
4) 10K words to page
5) The End. (of the first draft, anyway)
6) Beta read
7) Edits
8) Submitted MS
9) Contracts Done
10) Published

Applying this to my future works:

Calculated Risk (Anthology)
Coming September 25, 2015 to Luminosity’s Men for Hire Anthology

Bite Me (The Transfigured Ones 2)

Once Bitten (The Transfigured Ones 3)

Tall, Dark, and Thirsty (The Transfigured Ones 4)

Lachlan’s Story (Untitled) (The Transfigured Ones 5)

Slow Burn (Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators 2)
Coming July 2015 to Evernight Publishing

Trouble Walked In (The Forsaken Few 1)80%



What are your thoughts?

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