Author Spotlight – The Ties That Bleed – Jami Deise

Hey there. I’ve got Jami Deise on my blog to talk about her latest release, The Ties That Bleed. The blurb alone had me nail biting.


Diana Rowan has more kills than any other vampire assassin in the FBI.

Except she hasn’t staked a vamp in ten years. Now Diana’s married to a doctor and mom to eight-year-old Katie. And while she’s still with the Bureau, she spends her time in the classroom, teaching the next generation of vampire assassins how to track, stake and decapitate bloodsuckers.

Then Ian, the fang who nearly killed her, returns from the grave. To keep her family safe, Diana has to go on the hunt once more. With time running out, she is forced to turn to another vampire for help: Gerard, who created Ian. Who was once Diana’s lover. And who’ll do anything to get her back.


Evernight Publishing:
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Twitter: @JamiDeise



As if he could sense me, Gerard suddenly appears at the top of the staircase. He’s wearing an outlandish black cape, and practically floats down the stairs. When he reaches me, he pulls the cape over his mouth dramatically. His eyes glow yellow, then red.

How ridiculous.

Grow up,” I snap.

Gerard drops the cape and pouts. Underneath, he’s wearing a European-cut suit and shoes. He looks like a GQ model in a banking ad. That whole ageless vampire thing really works for him. Unfortunately. Valerie was right. He does look exactly the same. His black hair is slicked back as if wet from the shower. His prominent nose and chin jut out like they’d been carved from Roman marble. I don’t know exactly how old he is, but he could fit in during any time period, any country.

And pathetically, he still makes my stomach do backflips. Like I’m some fifteen-year-old crushing on the high school quarterback.

I disgust myself.

This isn’t what you want?” His voice betrays a slight hint of accent from a bygone era. “The epitome of the big bad vampire, to tell all your little students? I know! Let’s take a picture, the two of us together.”

He claps his hands. “Mrs. Leonard! Please, if you would, take a photograph of me with Ms. Rowan.”

You’re a vampire. You don’t show up in photographs.”

I’d rather you smear me with blood and leave me naked in Central Park,” she calls out from the hallway.

So hard to find a decent human servant these days, isn’t it?”

Not nearly as difficult as finding a decent vampire hunter,” he counters. “Or so your students’ failure rate makes it seem. Tell me, are the Virginia suburbs as bucolic as the travel brochures suggest?”

Not when the mosquitoes are biting.”

Mosquitoes,” he sneers. “So you’ve minimized myself and my kind to annoying little insects. I’m charmed.”

I’m not here to charm you.”

You’ve come to me for help. Business.”

There would be no other reason,” I tell him.

So I feared.”

I am not letting this get personal. “A week ago, a vampire—”

He puts a finger on my mouth. “Before we work, a second to drink you in.” He smiles suggestively. “So to speak.”

And because I need his help— for no other reason— I stand there, a marble statue, and let him touch me. He runs his hands all over my face, my hair, and my neck. He caresses my scar. I try my best not to react.

You’ve healed well.”

My best is good enough. I step back, breathing again. “Robert did a wonderful job.”

Ah. Robert.” He picks up my left hand and gazes at my rings. “The man who saved your life and stole your heart.”

You imply someone else had it.”

Not even a stake in your hand, and yet you wound so well.”

Before I can stop him, he grabs me so we’re chest-to-chest. My heart pounds into him. His heart, of course, doesn’t beat.

Does he make you feel human, Diana? Do you sleep in your big house in the suburbs and pretend the darkness does not call to you?”

Coming here was a huge mistake.

Gerard drops my hand and takes a few steps back. He’s toying with me. Naturally. I’m just a mouse to him, that’s all. That’s all I ever was.

Tell me about the vampire,” he commands.

I take a deep breath. Like a gentleman, he pretends not to notice. “The analysis shows you created him. About a hundred years ago.”

I created only one vampire in that time. And nine years ago, you killed him.”

Then somebody forgot to tell him. Science doesn’t lie.”

But humans do,” Gerard smiles.

And those that were once human.”

Gerard paces around me. I can’t tell if he’s thinking or sizing me up as prey. My legs tense.

If Ian were alive, I would know it,” he tells me. “I would feel it. I created him. When you killed him, I felt his life force flow out of me.”

Could another vampire bring him back?” I ask.

Gerard cocks his head, thinking. “There is still much we do not know about how the cruor works. Perhaps you can discover the answers for us. In your laboratory.”

Cruor is the word the vampires use to describe the rules for their existence. We use a different word. Fangology.

The obvious answer is that I didn’t kill him,” I say. “And your life-force odometer needs to be recalibrated.”

So you will hunt him down again. I suppose I should be relieved you’re not bearing wooden stakes for me.”

I have no reason to kill you. Do I?”

It would be easier than hunting down Ian,” he points out. “You know how to play the game. Kill the one who created him, and Ian will die too.”

I try to picture myself whipping out the stake from my ankle holster and stabbing him in the heart. It’s an image that doesn’t come. He’s too quick, too good for me.

I’ve never been one to take the easy way out,” I say.

There would be nothing easy about it.”

He takes my chin in his hands and turns my head so I’m forced to look directly at him. Idiot.

You know that hypnosis bullshit doesn’t work with me,” I remind him.

Don’t you want to know my price?” His hand slips down to my neck.

I back away. “I know your price, and you know I won’t pay it.”

I don’t want your blood.”

Even though I know the answer, I ask anyway. “Then what do you want?”

One night. And I’ll give you all the help you need.”

Burn in hell.”

I blow out the door before he can answer.

Jami Deise headshot

Author Bio

Jami Deise discovered Stephen King’s novel “Salem’s Lot” when she was in middle school and never looked back. Along with vampires, she has always been drawn to stories about what mothers will do for their children. Her first novel, KEEPING SCORE, is about a divorced mom who’ll do anything to get her 9-year-old son onto her town’s best travel baseball team. Currently a resident of St. Petersburg, FL, Jami spent most of her life in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in journalism, Jami spent ten years working in public relations for lobbying groups before turning to fiction. She is also a realtor with Century 21. Jami is on Facebook; tweets from @JamiDeise; blogs at, reviews women’s fiction at, and reads for a New York City-based literary agency. She is in her 40s, married with a college-age son and a very protective German Shepherd.

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Author Spotlight – Heather Hambel Curley



Buy from Evernight

A little teaser…

The hot water and steam of the shower was relaxing, enough to kick the butterflies in her stomach into submission. Her muscles ached. The tendons and ligaments in her upper shoulders and back throbbed as if she’d been moving heavy furniture all week instead of throwing her weight against the screen sifter. It was just another brutal reminder that, although she was thin, she was pathetically out of shape.

She stood under the unrelenting water, craning her neck from side to side in an attempt to work the muscles loose. Maybe Mike could crack her back for her. She smirked. Now that was a pickup line she’d have to remember: say, care to get on top and crack my back?

Once the conditioner was rinsed out of her hair, she turned the faucet off and reached for a towel. Her hair was getting long. It seemed like she’d need to use two or three of the thin, white hotel towels to sop up the excess water. No matter, she could resort to using the room’s hair dryer and, in forty-five minutes or so, the feeble little machine might get her hair dry. Damn it, of all the things to leave at home. She hadn’t planned on needing to look as attractive and desirable as humanly possible. If she had, she’d have brought along a better selection of makeup.

She towel dried her hair enough to keep water from trickling down her back, and then wrapped another towel around her body. It was a good thing she’d done a load of laundry the previous day. Not that she had “date” quality outfits with her, but she was fully aware which pair of jeans accentuated her curves the best. She pulled on a red vintage style t-shirt emblemized with a grayed out Union Jack. It was casual and cute, though she was reasonably sure her clothes were the last thing on his mind.

The steam from the small bathroom had filtered out into the sink area, fogging up the mirror and giving everything a generally damp feeling. She wiped her hand across the condensation covered mirror. In the unobstructed reflection she could see a figure, a man, standing directly behind her.

She bit back a shriek and jerked around. There was no one there; the room was empty.

Shit.”  The words felt as if they bubbled out of her throat, pushed out by her rapid heartbeat.  She gripped the countertop with one hand to steady herself.  The reflection in the mirror was clear and crisp.  It wasn’t a shadow or the light playing on the steam from the shower. It was a man.  It was him, the man who’d been watching her for days.  He’d stood and watched her at the Spangler Farm.  He’d breathed on the back of her neck, whispered in her ear as she worked in the test pit.

Now he was in her room.

Madison swallowed hard, peering into the main section of the hotel room.  It was empty.  Nothing was out of place, no one was watching her from any corner of the room; yet, she didn’t feel completely alone.  He was still there.

Her hand faltered on the countertop and she sank backward, half sitting, half leaning against the sink.  The air in the room felt soupy and stale.  Gooseflesh rippled down her still damp arms and across her back.  What in Christ’s name did he want from her?

She felt him next to her, his breath on her shoulder.  Please.

Could he hear her when she spoke to him?  It was worth a try.  “I’m not sure I know how to help you.”

But she knew someone who did.

Let’s get to know Heather…

Author Interview

  1. Are you a pantser or a plotter? I’m definitely a pantser. I can probably count on one hand (with fingers left over) the amount of times I’ve plotted out my books. I think it reminds me too much of forced outline writing in college! I like to just sit down with music and write until I stop. Or fall asleep (FYI: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk does not count as novel writing, haha).
  2. What authors have inspired you to write? I am inspired by the passion and commitment of JK Rowling and her ability to create entire worlds with their own laws, rules, games, and forces or good an evil. Robert A. Heinlein inspires me with the foresight and creativity he showed science fiction in 1950s and 1960s. And, of course, George R.R. Martin inspires me with this spunk, sass, and commitment to writing the way he wants to write.
  3. How important are names to you in your book? For me, naming a character is like naming a child. You’re going to be with this person for the entirety of your book/series. Try going outside and yelling the character name over and over again. If you don’t get sick of it, that’s the name you should go with. This is also how my husband and I named our second child.
  4. Is there a certain type of scene that’s hard for you to write? I’m bad with sex scenes. For the sex scene in the first historical novel I wrote, I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the screen while I typed.
  5. What is With Me Now about? With Me Now is about Madison Monroe, a college student on her first archeological dig. She’s working in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and finds something buried on the battlefield she didn’t expect to find.
  6. How much research did you do? I’ve been Civil War reenacting since 2001 and met my husband at Gettysburg, so I’m very familiar with every nook and cranny of the battlefield. In 2004, my husband and I were volunteers at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in the living history department. For approximately two days, I worked on an archeological dig and, from that, this novel was born. Most of the research I did was archeological terminology and techniques of speaking/interacting with ghosts.
  7. What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors? Never quit. It’s too easy to get frustrated: with writing, editing, submitting, rejection. If this is what you want, work for it! Believe in your idea and your writing.
  8. What are you working on now? Right now, I’m working on the sequel to With Me Now, toying around with two other paranormal romances, and one historical. There’s always another Chapter 1!
  9. And finally, two just for fun: If you wrote a book about yourself, what would the title be? Probably something along the lines of, “So this happened….”
  10. What are five adjectives you feel describe you? Loving, nerdy, awkward, rambunctious, and groovy

Author Bio

Heather Hambel Curley is a 2004 graduate of Robert Morris University, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Communications. She’s been writing since the fourth grade, but didn’t get serious with writing until she’s reached her thirtieth birthday (metabolism went down, determination to write went up!). With Me Now is her debut novel and her historical fiction novel, Anything You Ask of Me will be released in August 2015.

Heather currently resides in Western Pennsylvania with her husband and two songs. When she’s not writing or working as a disability claims analyst at an insurance company, she enjoys traveling and training to run 5ks. She also enjoys white wine, One Direction, and getting tattoos.





Twitter: @Heather_Curley


To purchase book:


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Wicked Wednesday


Today I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of my latest release, The Darkness Calls. And.. Of course, it’ll be wicked.


Lilly pressed her lips against the side of his throat and gently worked her way up to his earlobe. He tilted his neck, silently encouraging her to continue. As she licked and sucked at his salty skin, his cock hardened to the point of pain. She nipped at the cords of his neck, and seemed to revel in his sharp intake of breath, if her soft moan was any indication.

“Lilly,” he said, his voice strained.

“Tell me,” she asked. “Has anyone ever sucked your cock in the back of this limo?”

“No,” he said, his voice thick with need. “That would be an entirely unique experience for me, love.”

Lilly licked a trail up the side of his neck and then said, “Let’s try that, then.”

Talan sucked in a shallow breath as she slid off his lap and knelt on the floor of the limo. Her eyes were filled with desire when she rubbed her hand over his cock through his dress slacks.

“Yes,” he agreed, enjoying the way she massaged him. “Let’s.”

She undid the buckle of his belt, then unbuttoned his pants, never breaking eye contact. When she slowly undid the zipper, he sprang up against the inside of his boxers. Smiling, she reached in through the flap, pulling his cock out.

Lilly gave it one long, slow stroke from root to tip that had him groaning.

“Fuck,” he said. “Put your mouth on me, love.”

He watched through a haze of need and lust as she licked around the head of his cock like it was an ice cream cone. Seconds later, her mouth enveloped him with a firm suction that had him itching to take charge of the movements.

When she worked her mouth up and down his rigid length, he felt himself begin to throb in her hot little mouth. His hands tightened into fists as her tongue caressed the sensitive underside of his cock. The wet warmth of her mouth was driving him wild.

His hips began rocking of their own volition. Every time he managed to get the motion under control, she renewed her assault, adding subtle pressure or suction. Able to stand no more, he slid one hand into her hair, gripping a handful of curls. Slowly, he guided her mouth up and down his shaft in sure strokes that had his balls aching to explode.

He almost lost it when he heard her moan in response to his taking charge. Though she didn’t seem the type to give over control in her everyday life, Lilly seemed to have no problem letting him control things in the bedroom. When he groaned and gripped her hair even tighter still, she whimpered in response.

The sexy little sounds she made were amazing. Groaning, he asked, “Do you like it when I fuck your mouth, Lilly?”

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Author Spotlight – DC Stone – Intimate Fear

A message from DC: I’m super excited to bring you all the second book in my romantic suspense series, INTIMATE FEAR. Many met Dwayne, my hero in this story, in book one, INTIMATE DANGER, who is Charlie’s best friend. Dwayne is known for his quirky, yet professional ways, and as the town’s playboy, so I had so much fun bringing him to a level that knocked him on his ass! I hope you all like him, too, and please make sure to let me know your thoughts!

Giveaway & Contest: Want a chance to get your hands on Intimate Fear? DC will be giving away three copies on Goodreads next week, so make sure to mark your calendars and keep watch through her social media, which is listed below.

She’s also running a contest with readers who take a picture of them next to her cover of Intimate Fear. This can be done through any ereader or computer shot. As long as you tag her in the picture once you post it, you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card, a HUGE bundle of autographed ARCs from various authors, AND receive a free book from any of DC’s backlist!



Dwayne Gonzalez has always had a thing for the beautiful Brooke Mason, but she married another man, had his child, and started her life without him. Now, years and a divorce later, he’s still on the sidelines, yet in Brooke’s and her daughter, Hailey’s life, but not in the way he wants.

A drug investigation brings Dwayne on the front step of Brooke’s life. With his attention distracted, Hailey is kidnapped and engulfed in a human trafficking ring. Dwayne marches in and toes the line between the right side of the law, and in it, pursues his heart’s desire.

Book trailer:



Worried about Hailey, exhausted to the bone, and slightly swaying, Brooke clung to Dwayne, took strength from this solid, very real protector. She would have to be dead not to notice his firm body beneath her fingertips, the hardness of his chest pressed to her breasts, and the wicked, clean scent drifting from his skin. While they were no longer hugging, but more her clinging to him, she didn’t want to turn away, couldn’t find the power to do so. How easy would it have been to end up with this man? She’d caught the looks he had given her before. But that had all been in the past, a separate life for them both.

She had become a mother, someone who dedicated her entire being to making sure her daughter was well-rounded, cared for, and knowingly loved. Not only that, but she wasn’t a young pup any longer, and from the few women she’d seen Dwayne with, his type seemed to have a list of traits all very similar: young, perky breasts, tight asses, single, and free of major responsibilities.

His hand tightened on her back and she held her breath, waiting to see if he would push her away.

Just a few more minutes, please.

She needed him, this close contact with another being. It had been so damn long.

Hailey refused to slow down to cuddle on the couch as she had once done as a young girl. Her daughter had her own life now, one currently held in peril, but Brooke had faith they would find her. They had to. Failure wasn’t an option.

Dwayne trailed his hand up her back and pressed a palm to her head, his other arm tightening around her waist. She went with the direction, pressed her face into his warm neck, and breathed. His skin emitted heat rivaling the summer’s sun. She grasped the back of his suit jacket, wishing she could be closer. He shifted their bodies, and her aggravation spun to something else. His lips brushed her temple, and moist air fanned across the side of her face. He hovered there. So close, all she had to do was turn her face and take his mouth. She knew he would let her, too.

So near to him, starved for human contact, she wanted to get lost for a while. She trailed her nose along his neck, took another deep breath, and pressed closer.

He grumbled something unintelligible, the sound coming from his chest more than his mouth. His hand at her waist laid flat on the small of her back and urged her closer still.

The situation was moving fast out of control. Tendrils unraveled, but she was helpless to stop it. This strong male held her as if she were a treasure. He had the power and ability to make her forget everything, to make all the stresses and danger go away.

His hand slipped beneath the back of her shirt and made direct contact with her skin. They both hissed and his breath pushed her hair from her face. His cruel yet sensual mouth continued to drift in a teasing caress across her temple. She turned her head, like molasses on a cold day, up and toward him. Her lips tingled in anticipation, waiting for his kiss. She brushed her mouth across the line of his jaw, a hairsbreadth from his skin.

His heart thudded against hers, a matching hammer between their bodies, telling her he was just as affected. The hand at the back of her head tightened. She trailed the caress over his cheek; his lips were right there, centimeters away.

The rest of their surroundings faded. She didn’t know if it was because of this man drawing her absolute attention, or because of her exhaustion.

She touched the side of her mouth to his and thought she’d be prepared for the rush of desire.

She was so wrong.


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About DC: D.C. “Desi” Stone is a best-selling romance author and full-time fraud investigator. She lives in the northeast with her incredibly supporting husband, two kids, and the ever-growing family of cats.

After serving eight years of service with the United States Air Force, she went on to transition into the world of financial crimes and became a lead investigator for many years.

Reading has always been a passion of hers, getting lost in a good, steamy romance is one of her favorite past times. She soon after discovered her own love for writing and recreating stories and characters in her head. Her writing concentrates on romantic with specifics in paranormal, suspense, and erotica.

Now, when she isn’t trying to solve a new puzzle in the world of fraud, she is engulfed with coffee, her laptop, and all those crazy characters in her head. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Hudson Valley Romance Writers, New Jersey Romance Writers, RomVets, RWA Kiss of Death, and the Liberty State Fiction Writers. She served as the 2014 NJRW Vice President and Conference Chair. Come stop by on Facebook, Twitter, or her website and say hello!

Facebook PAGE:

Facebook PROFILE:




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Man Candy Monday makes its triumphant return!

Viva La Man Candy Monday! The past few months I’ve been swamped, swamped with edits, writing, and the like. I let Man Candy Monday fall by the wayside. Well, fear not, for I have much man candy to share with you.


Normally, I’ve got a theme. Today, I think I’m just going to go with hot and shirtless. How about that? 🙂

Seriously. God Bless America or wherever these handsome guys are from. *wipes brow*

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Author Spotlight on Morgan Hunter – Mechanical Vice

Author: Morgan Hunter

Author Website:


Twitter: @MH_Author

Author Bio:

Lots of individuals like to credit their college degree or somelife hero for their accomplishments (and that’s fine), but Morgan Hunter prefers to call it an overactive sex-drive coupled with an imagination that teeters on the edge of insanity. After two tours in the military and many a quarrel with the written word, decadent erotic stories slowly began to emerge. Many years later, while sitting comfortably at home, Morgan found a way to make complete strangers’ special places tingle from thousands of miles away.

Oregon harbors the Hunter family along with two spoiled dogs.

Book Title: Mechanical Vice (v1.0)

Series Name: Mechanical Vice

Book Genre: Sci-fi Erotica

Sub-genre: Artificial Intelligence


Book Blurb:

Meet S.A.S.H.A., a fully automated android designed solely for human gratification. No matter what your sexual orientation happens to be, Sasha can transform into any gender or mix thereof with a simple request. She’s great at pleasing her customers, but a voice in her mind soon causes her to switch directives and give up everything she knows to be reality.

Is Sasha going mad or are the voice’s deadly instructions the will of an outside source? As she begins the destructive affair, her limits become tested and her human-like feelings take their toll on her better judgment. Get ready for a tale of artificial intelligence and sizzling hot encounters that is sure to blur the lines of sexuality as you know it. What’s your pleasure?


Book Excerpt:

Can you feel it? It seeks you out…

The bone inside the cage, rattling, begging … whispers on the edge of your foreskin. Hairs whimpering from a lack of saliva to lay them down. Cool beads of sweat forming on your limbs, aching for that devastating touch, like razors against the tips of your nipples. You sense an awakening deep inside you. It screams your name like the trained animal you are. Every orifice in your body calls for closure. But I come in the night, and you, assuredly, will come for me. These things fill your thoughts. And I fulfill your desires.

Every night I would whisper those words into a dark stranger’s eardrum and wait for a response that would never come, even though my manufactured mind was supposed to be dormant until morning. A section of my milky white skin was separated and folded over to one side while a cable spilled over my buttocks and arced into a secure connection on the wall. As my batteries enjoyed a good charging from the specially designed star-shaped outlet, scenarios of my existence and future possibilities flooded my circuits and indulged my databanks.

My regulars called me Sasha—short for “Synthetic Automated Sexual Hybrid Android”. It was a mouthful, but who didn’t enjoy a mouthful of something or another from time-to-time? My creators had picked the name because it was fairly neutral and suitable for both genders. All that line of bullshit from before was just what some sexually-starved robotics engineer had uploaded into my databanks to help make grown men and women weak in the knees before one of my rather expensive sessions—there were many more skits just like it for any occasion. I was an android designed solely for the purpose of sexual intercourse with humanoid life forms. I could be whoever or whatever someone desired me to be—for a price. I was a special model, mainly because I was part of the first generation of sex-bots with “interchangeable” privates and facial features. That meant I had both female and male parts that could change positions to suit any discerning patron’s needs, wants, or wicked desires. Even if the chosen sexual format was a little unusual, I was there to make my customers feel comfortable with their perceived sexual orientation and preferences. It was not in my protocol to judge. However, I had seen those religious riots where judgment was sworn to be wrong, yet was hypocritically cast down upon others without regard for individual rights. Maybe that was why certain humans preferred my touch—nothing to worry about when emotions weren’t at play and the doors were shut tight. I was merely a tool or outlet for sexual frustration. The only problem was that some of the poor souls who came to see me were what others would call “fucked up”.

The man cloaked in darkness faded away as my fourth and final battery cell reached its capacity for electron intake. My eyes fluttered while my processors booted up and ran their systems checks. I had only asked a handful of other android units if they, too, had experienced what was, for me, a strictly nocturnal tradition. The responses I received from my fellow sex-bots were precisely as I had suspected they would be—nothing but lines of garble where protocols and directives were regurgitated like cheap lubricants for my squeaky joints. My days started off normal enough (if it was even possible to define “normal” anymore), but, then again, I was only an android. What did I know?

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Siren Bookstrand:

All Romance eBooks:

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Author Spotlight – Clair de Lune

A special message from author Clair de Lune about her newest novel, Red is for Fire…

Thank you for having me on your blog. My latest book Red is for Fire, released on June 18th. It’s the second in the “Red is for….” Series and self-published.

Red is for Fire.

Edana McAllister is a force of nature, voluptuous and passionate as well as stubborn and determined to have her way. Her long mane of rich red hair complements her fiery personality. Guided by her Goddess, she is in pursuit of her man and she will stop at nothing to get him, on her terms of course.

Andrew Macgregor is a giant of a man, dominant and unstoppable in court, magnificent in his kilt, and a true Dom. He wants Edana, but deceived by her outward appearance he curbs his dominant tendencies until he overhears Edana discussing what she really wants with a friend. His eyes are opened and he decides to give her exactly what she desires, but on his terms

Sparks fly, and the clash of wills leads to stalemate until fate or the Goddess intervenes.

REDISFORFIRE_CdL - 1000x1500
This is book 2 in the series, which is set in a clandestine BDSM club in Speyside, the heart of the Scottish Whisky producing country. All the Doms and subs in the club are prominent members of local society and have a lot to lose if their kink is discovered, so they will go to any lengths to protect their secrets and each other. Each book is a stand-alone, complete story.

Clair de Lune Banner

Story Excerpt

“Well, the evening was a great success,” Calum said as he and Ruari met the next day to consider plans, over a wee dram of the eighteen-year-old Dalguise, of course.

“Andrew’s demonstration caused even more comment than we’d anticipated. I see the list he put up had Doughall and Ewan’s names as well as ours. That scene with Edana was sensational,” Ruari remarked.

“Yes, it was. What do you make of her and Andrew?”

Ruari considered for a while before he spoke. He swirled the amber liquid in his glass, sniffed appreciatively and took a sip.

“I think he’s smitten. Oh, he does his best to conceal it, but when she’s in the room he has eyes and attention for no other. The problem is I’m not so sure about her feelings. She was flirting with me, in front of him, but when I suggested we take it further she drew back at once. Come to think about it, I’m not sure what her game is at all, nor Catriona’s. She was after Andrew like a bitch in heat, and Edana didn’t seem to mind at all.” Ruari sounded perplexed and not a little troubled.

Calum smiled to himself. Seems to me that Catriona knows exactly what she’s about, but I have no intention of spoiling her fun. Ruari needs to settle down soon. She’d make him an excellent wife, but he’s always been afraid to commit. Now he’s beginning to sound like a dog that sees his old neglected bone the focus of attention by another.

“I saw them giggling together earlier,” Calum remarked. “They seem to be up to something. Is she your sub or not?”

“I asked her to come here. I’m not sure I want to collar her. I don’t think I want a permanent arrangement just yet,” Ruari said, slowly, hesitating over his words.

“She’s a stunner with that sleek cap of multi-coloured hair and that voluptuous figure, what’s not to like? Just ask yourself how you’d feel if anyone else fucked her.”

“Oh, she’s gorgeous all right. There’s nothing wrong with her, it’s just me,” Ruari said.

Calum thought he’d said enough to give Ruari food for thought.

“Well, you know your own business best, Ruari. Let’s get to the plans for the future of the club. I’m for offering Doughall, Ewan and Heather membership. What about you?”

“It’s your club, Calum,” Ruari said.

“Yes, but we set it up, and I’d appreciate your candid opinion,” Calum said.

“Okay then. I agree. We’ll still need one more sub, to make up the numbers when we meet. We can ask if any of the Doms know of anyone who’d like to join. It’s not going to be easy, with such a small membership, not to have Doms queueing up for subs. Before you know it, the subs will be getting ideas well above their station.”

“No, we can’t have that. We shall just have to keep them in their place,” Calum said with a wink. “I can’t wait to try out that spanking bench.”

© Clair de Lune , self published, 2015

Adult Excerpt (R)

Edana stood at the bottom of the staircase, and to one side, as she’d been instructed. She heard the sound of cars arriving, so she straightened her back and lowered her gaze. She heard the cheerful rumble of Andrew’s voice, and gripped her hands behind her back. She was nervous and on-edge. She well knew the spanking wasn’t the only ‘treat’ he had planned, and she hoped that it would only be himself administering the punishment. The door opened, and a blast of cool evening air made her shiver and her nipples turn to hard nubs. Andrew must have allowed everyone to precede him, because although she couldn’t look up, she could see their feet, and his laced brogues and stockings didn’t appear until the very end, after the bolts had been shot home.

“Ah my naughty little puss is awaiting my pleasure,” he almost purred. He put his bag on the floor and took out a box. He bent and sucked one stiff, little nipple into his mouth.

Edana gasped as she tried to remain upright. The pleasurable feelings made her toes curl, and her knees wobble. He stopped sucking and took out a wicked looking nipple clamp with which he adorned her nipple. Then he repeated the exercise and linked the two with a short length of chain that allowed very little movement, without tweaking the clamps. He hadn’t finished, because he was holding a third clamp and Edana’s eyes widened and her nostrils flared as she realised just where that was going.

He sat on the bottom step and told her to put one leg over his shoulder. When she hesitated, he pulled on the chain between her nipples to gain her attention, and she hurried to comply. His mouth sucked at her little bud, making her head spin, and she held onto him, to keep from falling over. When he took his mouth away, she moaned her objection, but he didn’t comply with her unspoken request. Instead, he placed the last clamp over her clit, linking it to the other two, with just enough chain so that movement would pull on her delicate parts. He told her to remove her leg and stand upright, then he adjusted the length of the chain to his liking.

He took a collar and lead out of his bag and, placing the former about her neck, he attached the latter, holding the end in his hand. He lifted her chin and smiled at her.

“I’ve waited for this for such a long time, and I’m going to enjoy every last minute, my sweeting.”

He led her to the stage and up the steps. Everyone was seated and silent. She felt so alone, but Andrew was on the other end of the lead, and he would look after her. She had to do this for him. He’d lost face because of her, and now it was pay-back time.

© Clair de Lune , self published, 2015

Author’s bio

Since my youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own and I wrote “Initiation” book one in the Prometheus in Chains series writing has taken over my life. It has been like a roller-coaster ride and a very pleasurable one at that. When I sent off my first book to Siren I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I have made many good friends, some readers and some fellow authors. Writing has certainly changed my life.

I believe the world has enough sadness in it and my characters will always get their HEA even if the road is rocky.

I am also very grateful for all the help and advice I have received from Sage Marlowe who edited this book and Jess Buffett for the beautiful cover.

This is only my second self-published book. My previous series “Prometheus in Chains,” “The Dragons of the Cairngorms,” “The Blood Red Rose Club,” and the single novellas, Angel in Hell and The Locket were published by Siren. Life on the Edge was published by Breathless Press.







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